Samba32 in jail (NetBIOS workgroup)

Kalle Møller kalle.moller at
Tue Sep 21 10:34:06 UTC 2010


I'm trying to get samba to work in a jail (made with ezjail and alias ip).
Port installed only with WINS marked in config.
I can get samba up and running, I can get a client to connect login, view
files etc.
My problem is that my WD TV Live can't connect directly, it uses something
where it
looks in it workgroup and then connects via NetBIOS name.

So I need help to install samba in a jail, with NetBIOS and workgroup,
(login is either local users or no login) ?

I don't know if I need anything else then WINS when I install it ?

Any short smb.conf that would do this ? :)

I can provide dumps of everything if its needed ...


Med Venlig Hilsen

Kalle R. Møller

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