wireless networking

Maciej Milewski milu at dat.pl
Tue Sep 21 09:39:18 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 21 September 2010 04:12:45, William Kindler wrote:
> -- I have 2 wireless adapter that I am able to use for my system. One is
> a usb device, a D-Link DWA130, and the other is a PCI device, a Netgear
> WN311T. I can find no information about Linux or UNIX support, or
> drivers for either, on your website or on the respective manufacturer's
> sites, nor can I find out what chipsets they are using.
> Are either of these devices supported with Free-BSD, or the PC-BSD?
> Bill Kindler
Asking google shows that there are informations about them on many linux 

It depends on revision of these cards because f.ex. DWA130 has 5 revisions 
from A(no rev number) to E and they're using different chipsets inside. 
As an example information from net8192su.inf:
%DWA-130C2.DeviceDesc% = RTL8192su.ndi, USB\VID_07D1&PID_3302
%DWA-130E1.DeviceDesc% = RTL8192su.ndi, USB\VID_07D1&PID_3300
%DWA-131A1.DeviceDesc% = RTL8192su.ndi, USB\VID_07D1&PID_3303
I don't know this chipset and if it's supported by any driver.

Looking for the Netgear it looks that it's Marvell 88W8361 and it's rather not 
supported by FreeBSD.
Atleast man(8) mwl says that only 88W8363 is supported.

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