Zip file making issues

Ryan Coleman editor at
Tue Sep 21 03:25:03 UTC 2010

Does anyone have any advice for this?

I'm working on a series of commands - executed in a shell script - that zips a deep directory in a tree. But it makes the full path as part of the ZIP file. That's not what I want - I just want those directories that appear after the "*".  In this case:

"-J" eliminates all the paths - bad because it also kills those after the "*"

Here's my default that includes the whole d*mn path.
/usr/local/bin/zip -r /usr/www/ /mount/archive/orders/Sep20/1284343047-Le-ach/download*

I could just run a "cd" to the directory parent and do it there - that would solve the problem - but that's simply too dangerous if the script generator throws an error on the next set of commands (a risk I do not want to take).

So how do I get it to store as "download/small/image.jpg" inside of the ZIP file instead of "mount/archive/orders/Sep20/1284343047-Le-ach/download/small/image.jpg".

I only recently discovered this bug -- none of my clients have had the guts to tell me about it.



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