Maia Mailguard

Silvio Siefke siefke_listen at
Sun Sep 19 22:15:59 UTC 2010


i want use Maia Mailguard as Spam/Virus System. I have it install over
the ports, the normal configuration was good. The Mail System is
running. The webinterface make problems. Maia does not accept the Pear

# pkg_version -v | grep pear
pear-1.9.1                          =   up-to-date with port

The configtest in the webinterface:

# pear list
Installed packages, channel
Package           Version State
Archive_Tar       1.3.7   stable
Auth_SASL         1.0.4   stable
Console_Getopt    1.2.3   stable
DB                1.7.13  stable
Image_Canvas      0.3.2   alpha
Image_Color       1.0.4   stable
Image_Graph       0.7.2   alpha
Log               1.12.2  stable
MDB2              2.5.0b3 beta
MDB2_Driver_mysql 1.5.0b3 beta
Mail              1.2.0   stable
Mail_Mime         1.8.0   stable
Math_BigInteger   1.0.0   stable
Net_IMAP          1.1.0   stable
Net_POP3          1.3.7   stable
Net_SMTP          1.4.2   stable
Net_Socket        1.0.9   stable
Numbers_Roman     1.0.2   stable
Numbers_Words     0.16.2  beta
PEAR              1.9.1   stable
Pager             2.4.8   stable
Structures_Graph  1.0.3   stable

# pear config-show
Configuration (channel
Auto-discover new Channels     auto_discover    <not set>
Default Channel                default_channel
HTTP Proxy Server Address      http_proxy       <not set>
PEAR server [DEPRECATED]       master_server
Default Channel Mirror         preferred_mirror
Remote Configuration File      remote_config    <not set>
PEAR executables directory     bin_dir          /usr/local/bin
PEAR documentation directory   doc_dir          /usr/local/share/doc/pear
PHP extension directory        ext_dir          /usr/local/lib/php/20090626
PEAR directory                 php_dir          /usr/local/share/pear
PEAR Installer cache directory cache_dir        /tmp/pear/cache
PEAR configuration file        cfg_dir          /usr/local/lib/php/pear/cfg
PEAR data directory            data_dir         /usr/local/share/pear/data
PEAR Installer download        download_dir     /tmp/pear/download
PHP CLI/CGI binary             php_bin          /usr/local/bin/php
php.ini location               php_ini          /usr/local/etc/php.ini
--program-prefix passed to     php_prefix       <not set>
PHP's ./configure
--program-suffix passed to     php_suffix       <not set>
PHP's ./configure
PEAR Installer temp directory  temp_dir         /tmp/go-pear
PEAR test directory            test_dir         /usr/local/share/pear/tests
PEAR www files directory       www_dir          /usr/local/lib/php/pear/www
Cache TimeToLive               cache_ttl        3600
Preferred Package State        preferred_state  stable
Unix file mask                 umask            22
Debug Log Level                verbose          1
PEAR password (for             password         <not set>
Signature Handling Program     sig_bin          /usr/local/bin/gpg
Signature Key Directory        sig_keydir       /usr/local/etc/pearkeys
Signature Key Id               sig_keyid        <not set>
Package Signature Type         sig_type         gpg
PEAR username (for             username         <not set>
User Configuration File        Filename         /root/.pearrc
System Configuration File      Filename         /usr/local/etc/pear.conf

The php.ini is under the adress

FreeBSD 8.1, Apache 2.2.16, PHP 5.3.3, Pear 1.9.1, Smarty 2.6.26

Has someone a idea? Thank u for support.


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