extra open ports in rkhunter

Carl Johnson carlj at peak.org
Sun Sep 19 21:42:16 UTC 2010

Carl Johnson <carlj at peak.org> writes:

> Anonymous <swell.k at gmail.com> writes:
>> Do you have some networking FS enabled (NFS, AFS, Coda, etc)? Perhaps,
>> one of them listens for connections from kernel and is not associated
>> with userland process. But it's just a guess.
> I have NFS enabled, but its processes are accounted for by both sockstat
> and netstat.

I decided to check out your idea anyways today, and it appears you were
right.  I disabled and stopped all NFS and rpc processes and those extra
ports disappeared from the netstat listing.  None of those ports are
listed as related to anything, so I don't know what is going on.  I had
just experimented with NFS for a while, so I will just leave it off.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Carl Johnson		carlj at peak.org

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