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> > Next fdisk/gpart accordingly (don't forget to make it bootable).
> This is where I get stuck.  I've partitioned the physical drives
> using sysinstall, but how do I go about partitioning gm0?

Your problem is that you are still using sysinstall.  You can't for your
purposes(this was pointed out earlier).  Fixit only!  Notice in the example
it creates some basic filesystems/diretories and then chroot's and extracts
the dist's manually.  You must do the same after you do the gmirror/gjournal
setup to your liking and have created the appropriate fs's and mounted them.

> > If your setup if GPT compatible, I recommend using it.
> How do I find out whether this setup is GPT compatible?

Hardware(BIOS) dependent.

> For starters there seem to be at least 6 kernel options, of
> which I guess I may need 3: GEOM_PART_BSD, GEOM_PART_GPT, and
> GEOM_PART_MBR; there's apparently no "edit" function; and one
> has to puzzle out what is meant by a "protective MBR" as part
> of understanding how to make a GPT partition bootable.

Yeah, there is no label editor or resize functionality, yet anyway.  You
don't need to worry about any of those kernel options yet, just get it
working by loading from loader.conf.  You can customize your kernel later.
I think the "protective MBR" part relates to GPT/MBR hybrid style which is
not what I think you should do, but maybe it works haven't tried it.

You'll use gpart to create(and label) at least 3 parttitions, the boot,
swap, and freebsd-ufs filesystem.  You'll have to create more if you want
seperate /usr /var /tmp etc.  Once the fs's are created and mounted,
extract, edit the /boot/loader.conf in the chroot to load gmirror, gjournal,
and anything else you need,
Note about the bootloader part, use gpart to install the boot code to the
boot partition you create, I don't think you'll need to do anything special
other than that.

This example may also be helpful because it deals with GPT/UFS manual
install, but doesn't use any other geom classes.

Adam Vande More

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