The nightmarish problem of installing a printer

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Fri Sep 17 06:39:49 UTC 2010

On Fri, 17 Sep 2010 01:45:54 +0100
Chabane HEMDANI <hemdani2009 at> wrote:

> I've search, read, learn, follow instructions about nearly all the
> web-documentation about installing a new printer to work under cups without
> any success. I've  an HP Laser Jet 1018 printer and tools given by package
> print/hplip don't work correctly.
> I'm using FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE
> I've rebuild a kernel without  ulpt.
> I modified my /etc/rc.conf to enable cupsd and hpiod and  hpssd.
> I modified /etc/devfs.rules like suggested by cups (see pkg_info -D
> cups-base-1.4.4 ).
> I've made many other configurations like that suggested at
> <,_hplip%20>

> and finally, I've given to my students the wrong  answer that "no one can
> print under FreeBSD !"

Which is wrong, all you need is a printer, that is _supported_.

> Please where is the problem?

The LaserJet 1018 uses another protocol, so you need aditional software.
Take a look at these sites:

Before buying the next printer, see whether or not it is supported by
Cups . Same goes for your students.

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