Need bsd make for AIX

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Fri Sep 17 00:35:04 UTC 2010

On 09/16/10 08:58, srividya.k at wrote:
> Hi
>     Is there any BSD make versions available for AIX platform?
> We require the make utility of BSD to compile few source programs.
> Is there any make utility compatible with AIX?  Could you please give us 
> the URL where we can get the same?

FreeBSD's make is an integral part of the FreeBSD file system. It is not
created to be compatible across systems, but it is also not created to
prevent this kind of porting.

With a command like:

svn co

you can fetch the sources for the BSD make. If you have a gcc compiler
installed you can compile the BSD make with a command like:

gcc '-DDEFSHELLNAME="sh"' -o make *.c

Note that the Makefile included with BSD make is in BSD make format so
you need to bootstrap it like in the above command; the quotes around -D
are needed.

There is absolutely no guarantee this will work on your system.

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