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> Hi
>     Is BSD compatible with AIX unix system?( AIX version 6).
> We require the make utility of BSD to compile few source programs?

First. This list is for support of ___FreeBSD___, the operating
system, although many people that _use_ FBSD actually come to this
list for help on all sorts of things, but I doubt many would be eager
to support a component of BSD to help with a problem in AIX. I suspect
lot of them in fact, would probably feel contempt or a deep repugnance
towards any sort of proprietary operating system.

Second. The subject of your mail and the questions themselves are not
very helpful. Perhaps if they were more technical or specific, there
might be a ___BSD Make___ expert who would have some compassion to
help with a problem on AIX. Of course, the subject and questions would
have to be asked in a smart way. This might help:

Thirdly. Besides structural, technical, philosophical and political
reasons[1], many of which you will realize after reading the document
above, you will find that is expected that you do your homework first,
(i.e STFW and RTMF first, __before___ you post a question in an open
source list).

Just by typing "bsd make" in Google, I found this link, that will
probably help you quite a bit with your problem:

> Is there any make utility compatible with AIX?  Could you please give us
> the URL where we can get the same?

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