How to prevent system to launch interactive fsck after improper shutdown and reboot?

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Thu Sep 16 11:56:01 UTC 2010

On Wed, 15 Sep 2010 17:11:30 -0400 (EDT), doug at wrote:
> I have had two systems die with bad disks.

Personally, I never had trouble with bad disks, but with
defective file systems (origin unknown), and follow-up
trouble caused by background fsck that prevented me many
years from accessing my data. Going the "old fashioned"
way brought everything back.

Long story short: A present .snapshot from the 1st
background fsck (which was introduced as default in
5.0, as far as I remember) caused fsck from working
as expected; after removing this file, I got all the
missing data back.

Luckily, the problem didn't seem to be related to
actual disk failure, as SMART data didn't give a hint
about that. I did work with a 1:1 dd copy anyway.

> Modern disks die silently which I think is too bad.

You usally see messages in dmesg / console that indicate
disk trouble. In mos cases, those messages say that the
disk is already dying - it's too late for "repair". So
time for backup and replacement. Seems that this is the
result of continuing bigger and cheaper disks...

> If this is 
> happening and you have data you want to recover you
> might try booting in single user move and using fsck
> manually on each slice.

The fsck program operates on partitions, not on slices.
Terminology, dear Watson. :-)

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