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> As to the original post, Java, a "portable" "write once run anywhere" 
> language, doesn't work on FreeBSD, a "standard" type operating system 
> that mainly runs on "standard" hardware, when used with Xorg, a
> widely used "standard," as a plug in for Firefox, a major and
> presumably the dominant *nix web browser.  Maybe the question should
> go to Oracle about why it doesn't work.  A java applet probably works
> on your Symbian smart phone running on ARM.

Java is offered in many different versions that work on a multitude of
operating systems. To expect or require, and I have no idea how you
would enforce the requirement bit, Oracle or any other software
vendor for that matter to design software that is fully functional on
all operating systems is simply unrealistic and most likely

There are numerous examples of software that work only on a limited
number of *.nix flavors. To be made operational on other operating
systems usually requires reworking the code and in many cases disabling
many of the software's features. Even then there is no guarantee that
it will work correctly, if at all.

It took years, literally, before FreeBSD matured enough to get 64-bit
drivers for nVidia working correctly on its platform. The failure to
get the latest version(s) of Java working correctly on FreeBSD and
thereby, at least in my case, make the latest version of Firefox fully
usable, rests with the FreeBSD developers.

I have not been able to ascertain exactly why Java cannot be made
functional on a modern FreeBSD system. Other than receiving some
useless suggestion about donating money to the Java foundation, or
whatever it is called, nobody has responded with an answer.

The bottom line is that Java appears to be functioning on other flavors
of *.nix, but not FreeBSD. It would seem pretty obvious where the
problem lies.

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