How to prevent system to launch interactive fsck after improper shutdown and reboot?

Remko Lodder remko at
Wed Sep 15 06:47:40 UTC 2010

>> Almost every time after improper shutdown (poweroff) and reboot I get
>> into interactive fsck.
>> I am being asked whole bunch of questions to which I just have to answer
>> Y (what are my other options?)
>> Why drop user into interactive fsck if there is not much choice anyways?
>> Is there a way to set it up the way it doesn't drop into interactive
>> mode? Like answer 'Y' to all questions?
>> Yuri

I think this might do your trick:

fsck_y_enable="NO"      # Set to YES to do fsck -y if the initial preen
fsck_y_flags=""         # Additional flags for fsck -y

The reason for this to get interactively is because this  might messup
with your filesystem, and you are the one responsible for your filesystem,
not us or the autmated system. So in case you want to "play" with that,
that's entirely up to you.

In addition, I can imagine that companies (been there done it) do not want
to fsck -y by default, this because of the mentioned potential corruption
and dataloss.


p.s. This was found within 5 seconds in /etc/defaults/rc.conf.

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