this is probably a little touchy to ask...

Paul Wootton paul at
Tue Sep 14 00:10:39 UTC 2010

  On 09/10/10 15:16, Chip Camden wrote:
> Perhaps someone could provide specific use cases for which Java is the 
> only good solution?

Take a look at some online games.

For example Runescape (

Taken from Wikipedia
"/*RuneScape*/ is a fantasy <> 
massively multiplayer online role-playing game 
(MMORPG) released in January 2001 by Andrew 
<> and Paul Gower,^[2] 
<> and 
developed by Jagex Ltd. <> It is a 
graphical <> browser game 
<> implemented on the 
client-side <> in 
Java <>, and 
incorporates 3D rendering <>. 
The game has approximately 10 million active accounts, over 130 million 
registered accounts,^[3] 
<> and is 
recognised by the Guinness World Records 
<> as the world's 
most popular free MMORPG.^[4] 
<> "

Using Java, Jagex have made Runescape available to most computer users, 
not just Windows users

A lot of IP-KVMs also use client side Java apps.


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