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Dánielisz László laszlo at
Mon Sep 13 15:33:01 UTC 2010


I noticed one little difference how to update my system on

1st: it says to do an portupgrade -af after I issued freebsd-update install 

"# freebsd-update install
Note: Depending on whether any libraries version numbers got bumped, there may only be two install phases instead of three.

All third party software will now need to be rebuilt and re-installed. This is required as installed software may depend on libraries which have been removed during the upgrade process. The ports-mgmt/portupgrade command may be used to automate this process. The following commands may be used to begin this process:

# portupgrade -f ruby
# rm /var/db/pkg/pkgdb.db
# portupgrade -f ruby18-bdb
# rm /var/db/pkg/pkgdb.db /usr/ports/INDEX-*.db
# portupgrade -af
Once this has completed, finish the upgrade process with a final call to freebsd-update. Issue the following command to tie up all loose ends in the upgrade process:"

2nd: it says that I only have to rebuild all third-party application if I've udpate from 7.3 or earlier. I think it might be good to mentions this in the handbook to.

With all the respect,
Laszlo Danielisz,
Budapest, Hungary

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