sysinstall vs gmirror

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Mon Sep 13 04:37:41 UTC 2010

On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 11:14 PM, <perryh at> wrote:

> The part I don't know how to do is partitioning gm0 by hand.
> (I suppose it would require some sort of arcane incantations
> involving bsdlabel.)  For all its limitations, sysinstall
> seems at least to know how to translate a reasonably human-
> readable representation of the desired slice and partition
> layout into the necessary fdisk and bsdlabel commands.

I don't know of any exact howto, but the general principles are laid out

It shows how to load geom modules from usb stick, once they are loaded you
can then setup geom,  Next fdisk/gpart accordingly(don't forget to make it
bootable).  If your setup if GPT compatible, I recommend using it.  IMO,
it's significantly more straightforward than the old mbr style.  once you've
got your partitions setup the way you want, create your filesystems and use
the instrustions on the page to extract the distrobution on to them.
Obviously they need to be mounted for this to occur, so adapt the example to
your own use.

Note, I've never tried to boot from a gjournaled geom, but I think it will

Adam Vande More

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