Services do not start at boot

Arnaud Bergeron abergeron at
Sun Sep 12 21:41:01 UTC 2010

I have a FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE installation with a UFS root and a ZFS
pool for data and users.

I have a couple of ports installed (netatalk, mediatomb) to share the
content of the ZFS pool along with sharing it over NFS.

After a fresh boot, the NFS shares do not work, mediatomb is not up
and netatalk runs but does not share anything.  There may be other
things not working properly but those are the ones I notice.

If I manually restart mountd, and the two ports using the rc.d scripts
then everything works correctly until the next restart.

I found this message in the archives which is similar to the problem I
have except that I use dhcp:

After checking the log I see that indeed my problem is that these
services start before the network is available and they don't cope
well with that.

As a fix, I added dhclient to the REQUIRE: for NETWORKING and a 'sleep
10' after the dhclient command in the dhclient startup script and made
sure that background_dhclient is NO, and it still doesn't work.  I am
at a loss.


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