Upgrading packages - portupgrade confusion

Kaya Saman kayasaman at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 11:34:56 UTC 2010

> Have you refreshed the ports tree(s) with csup using the same supfile to
> ensure the ports trees are up to date ( and therefore identical)? Since you
> are using portugrade, as I do, this is what I do to see what needs to be
> done:
> I cd to /usr/sup which is where I keep my supfiles and the housekeeping.
> Then using this command sequence will refresh the ports tree, the ports
> index database, and ensure the package database is clean and synced.
> Portversion then just tells you with a "<" symbol any that are old and in
> need of an update.
> csup -L 2 ports&&  portsdb -uF&&  pkgdb -u&&  portversion
> where "ports" above is my supfile for ports refresh and looks like this:
> *default host=cvsup.nl.freebsd.org
> *default base=/usr
> *default prefix=/usr
> *default release=cvs tag=.
> *default delete use-rel-suffix compress
> ports-all
> Then a portupgrade -a as required. If all symbols in the right column are
> "=" everything is up to date and nothing is required. Adjust server location
> for mirror near you (or one that works best).
> -Mike
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Thanks alot Mike for the response!!

I didn't actually refresh the ports tree so I'm gona have to do that.

The thing I don't quite understand though is that if the ports tree gets 
refreshed, do the packages get upgraded or will I need to rebuild them??

I slightly recall the csup commnad, however I've never actually 
performed an inplace upgrade of a package in BSD. Only done this kind of 
thing in Linux - Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS and Solaris - OpenSolaris, 
Belenix where they have package managers.

What's the process for upgrading a package? make reinstall clean??

Many Thanks


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