this is probably a little touchy to ask...

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Sat Sep 11 06:10:54 UTC 2010

On Fri, 10 Sep 2010 17:49:56 -0600, Chad Perrin <perrin at> wrote:
> These days, it seems like the only places
> people *really* think they still need Java are smartphones and
> "enterprise" systems running on overpriced servers -- neither of which
> makes a difference for Firefox on the desktop.

Let me add another field: There are applicances like "all-in-one
DSL modem telephone splitter router DHCP server NAT firewall boxes"
that are very common in german households. Those usually use Java
to present their control elements to the user; "Applet loading"
is often seen when connected to that box in order to change some
setting. I think the initial developers found it better to put
a Java applet in there than some PHP generated HTML served by
a little web server... they could have used an efficient and
professional programming language, too, but that's something you
won't find in home consumer crap devices. :-)

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