How to Best Prevent Unwanted named installation

Martin McCormick martin at
Fri Sep 10 20:58:58 UTC 2010

	After successfully installing bind97 from a package on
to a new server, I do a cvs-sup of the system to get the latest
patches in to the kernel. After discovering that bind97 had been
replaced with bind9.6.1, I looked in /usr/src and there is a
contrib/bind9 directory. What is the safest way to disable that
build without adversly effecting the rest of the update?

	The reason for doing these things in this order is that
I would like to get bind running as quickly as possible since it
takes a couple of hours or more to get the world built when we
could be doing DNS.

	Since I am not using that version of bind, not getting
it built is no problem. I don't even care if it gets built so
long as it does not end up in /usr/sbin to clobber the new

	This is not really a complaint. I just want to prevent
the installation of the old bind over the new one as simply as


Martin McCormick

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