this is probably a little touchy to ask...

Jules Gilbert jules.stocks at
Fri Sep 10 10:38:23 UTC 2010

Look, I'm just a user.  I'm not a Java developer, not a language
developer, not a run-time specialist.  But folks, we got problems!  I
say this because it's becoming really hard to make Java run on a

I didn't even know that Google and Oracle weren't getting along, I
really am out of date.  (All I do is code.)

But here's the thing: almost no one can make a java enabled browser,
and lot's of us need exactly that, java running on our browsers.  So
obviously this means that something is seriously wrong -- and worse,
when I asked "how", no one came back and said "Oh, you obviously
didn't install such-and-such a patch, do that and everything will
work."  No, and worse, the responses are all about possible solutions
in the distant not-known-when-and-only-maybe future.

I do think we should all get behind this Beat fellow, he's
beat at, his work seems closest to bringing up a java-enabled
browser, with zero or at least few problems.


On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 5:46 PM, Randal L. Schwartz
<merlyn at> wrote:
>>>>>> "Jules" == Jules Gilbert <jules.stocks at> writes:
> Jules> Now an opinion.  If Oracle isn't going to help us, we should look
> Jules> around for an alternative, even inventing something else, something
> Jules> that isn't Sun/Oracle/Java.
> You mean something that looks like Java but isn't Java?
> That's precisely what the Oracle v. Google suit is about.  Dangerous
> road to go down at this point.
> Or do you mean something that isn't even Java, but has a lot of
> Java-like features?
> I think you're describing "everything else already available in
> production".  Plenty of choices.
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Fellow Christians!, Read Galatians, chapter three, verse 14.  Here
Paul documents that Christians have been made part of God's original
promise to Abraham, and that, because of Jesus, we are tied to these
same promises.

But don't for a moment imagine that God is done with the Jews!, no,
God is even today working to fulfill every promise he made, even to
save every person in Israel -- which God declares will be the case,
for he say's that "all Israel will be saved."

About this business with Iran...  Don't fret.  Jeremiah, who probably
wrote the most about modern day Iran, advises us, beginning in chapter
34, verse 49, that Iran is going to lose big.  Yes, one day both Egypt
and Iran, in fact all of south-Asia be a community of Christian
nations.  (Both Isaiah and Zechariah make similar statements.)  In
fact Zechariah say's that Gazan's will one day be elected, freely
elected by Jews, to high offices in Israel.  Imagine that!

But as my wife just told me! when I tried this on her, people aren't
saved (or even helped,) by knowledge of prophecy, no, real assistance
from the God of the Bible comes only one way;  By tying oneself to
Jesus, by asking to partner with him.  He is the basis of help, of
love, and change that brings with it God's love and assistance.

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