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On 09/09/2010 19:40:19, Murray S. Kucherawy wrote:

> I'm reading
> in preparation for an update of a 6.2-RELEASE machine in a colocation
> faciilty.  However, that page says 6.3 or later is needed to do it via
> the freebsd-update(8) mechanism.
> Are there any references for using freebsd-update for a 6.2
> installation, or am I looking at doing the update from source as per

Yes.  6.2 is long out of support, so you will need to use the makeworld
route to get to something more recent.  6.4 is just about to go out of
support -- you should be able to buildworld to that version, and then
use freebsd-update to get to something up to date.  Or just use the
buildworld route to get to the latest (it takes some time for all the
compilation but works reliably) -- you might be able to get to 8.1 in
one step, but I think that's probably unlikely.  You should always be
able to update from the latest version on any major branch to
any version on the next branch, so 6.2 -> 6.4 -> 7.3 -> 8.1 should work.

You will need to rebuild all your ports for a major version upgrade,
although (if it isn't obvious) if you're going to go up two major
versions, you only need to rebuild all the ports once at the end of the
process of updating the system.



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