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Roland Smith rsmith at
Wed Sep 8 16:55:14 UTC 2010

On Wed, Sep 08, 2010 at 09:45:48AM +0100, David Southwell wrote:
> Hi
> One of our freebsd systems is a user terminal with desktop. We have constant 
> difficulties with web browsing on that platform. Here is the data
> 1. INFO:
> System:
> freebsd 7.2-RELEASE-p3 - GENERIC  amd64
> Desktop:
> kde4.5.1
> Current installed web browser stuff:
> konqueror 4.5.1
> epiphany-2.30.2_1   
> firefox-3.5.11,1    
> flashplugin-mozilla-0.4.13_5 A GPL standalone Flash (TM) plugin for Mozilla 

This plugin is now five years old, and doesn't seem to be in active
development anymore. 

> Most reliable browser combination and recomendations of specific port 
> combinations which can deliver reliable browsing including flash capability. 

No open source flash player works on all sites, as far as I know.

If you don't mind non-free software and all the extra linux compat stuff that
it needs, try the linux version of the Adobe flash plugin;

Try graphics/gnash instead if you want native software. Mind that there
is a problem with the 0.8.7 version of gnash and youtube. This is fixed in
0.8.8 but that hasn't made it into ports yet. Gnash sometimes crashes, but
this doesn't usualy affect firefox.

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