zfs enabled freebsd requires root zfs partition?

Gil Vidals gvidals at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 03:19:00 UTC 2010

I'm new to both FreeBSD and ZFS and need some guidance. The only way I could
get zfs to work was by installing FreeBSD directly on a freebsd-ZFS file
system, which isn't supported by default by sysinstall. I had to run the
zfsinstall.sh script which creates the freebsd-ZFS file system and compiles

Whenever If I used the standard install (UFS file system), I would always
get an "unsupported file system" error whenever I tried to kldload zfs.ko.

Is there away to install FreeBSD on the standard UFS file system and then
use the other disks on the server for ZFS?

I would appreciate any hints.

Gil Vidals

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