Regex Help For Procmail

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Mon Sep 6 17:46:55 UTC 2010

  On 9/5/2010 4:02 PM, perryh at wrote:
> Frank Shute<frank at>  wrote:
>> Drew, try this:
>> * ^From:.*famous-smoke\.com
>> I think it's not catching it because the period isn't backslash
>> escaped ...
> Unless there's some edge case that I'm not thinking of, adding a
> backslash to escape a period will never convert a non-match into
> a match.  An unescaped period in an RE matches any character,
> including a period.  An escaped period matches only a period.

I have confirmed this.  I did add the backslash but procmail is still 
not matching.

> Adding the backslash _does_ better represent what the OP wants
> to accomplish, but the lack of it is not the cause of the RE not
> matching.  (I'm not sufficiently familiar with how procmail uses
> REs to figure out what _is_ causing it not to match.)

True and thus I'll leave the backslash.  However I have no idea what 
_is_ causing it not to match either. I'm stumped.



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