Updating KDE4

Jerry freebsd.user at seibercom.net
Sat Sep 4 11:31:20 UTC 2010

From the UPDATING file:

  AFFECTS: users of KDE4
  AUTHOR: kde at FreeBSD.org

  KDE SC ports has been updated to 4.5.1. A number of files were moved
  between packages, manual intervention into update procedure is required:

  # pkg_delete -f kdehier4\* kdelibs-4\* kdebase-4\* kdebase-runtime-4\* kdebase-workspace-4\*
  # rm -rf /usr/local/kde4/share/PolicyKit/policy
  # cd /usr/ports/misc/kdehier4 && make install clean
  # portmaster -a

I don't use 'portmaster'. I am assuming that 'portupgrade -a' would
accomplish the same thing. Would that be correct?

Jerry ✌
FreeBSD.user at seibercom.net

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