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Glen Barber glen.j.barber at
Fri Sep 3 19:02:39 UTC 2010

Hi Drew,

On 9/3/10 2:45 PM, Drew Tomlinson wrote:
>  I use procmail for mail delivery and I'm trying to concoct the right
> regex to match From: headers and deliver to a folder.  However mail is
> sent from various addresses so I want to match all that end with
> ">".  Here's an example of a header:
> From: "Famous Smoke Shop"<Announce at>
> Because I also occasionally order, I don't want to catch mail from
> anything that has the word "Orders" and "Famous" in the From field. 
> Thus here is my procmail recipe:
> # Deliver order info to inbox
> :0
> *^From:.[Ff]amous.*[Oo]rder.*>$
> "${HOME}/Maildir/new/"

Is this supposed to be "match Famous OR Order"?  This currently matches
"Famous AND Order".

> # Deliver other email to folder
> :0
> *^From:.*>$
> "${HOME}/Maildir/.Shopping/Famous Smoke/Email/"

Going by your examples, you want to catch "Famous OR Order" and place
that in Maildir/new, and all other email from this address to go to

Try this:

# catch "famous" or "order"
* ^From:.*([Ff]amous|[Oo]rder).*>$

# catch everything else from this sender
* ^From:.*>$
"$HOME/Maildir/.Shopping/Famous Smoke/Email/"

> According to my procmail log, the From: header does not match.  I would
> expect the example From: header above to match the second regex and be
> delivered to the specified folder. Where is my error?

If my assumption above is incorrect, could you paste a snippet from your
procmail log and point out what should be matching so we can have a
specific example?


Glen Barber

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