Can MS Exchange play nice with the mailing lists?

John D McDonnell gorgarath at
Tue Nov 30 16:41:27 UTC 2010

I appologize as I know that this has to have been discussed before, but
my Google-foo is failing me.

I currently subscribe to a few FreeBSD mailing lists using my work
e-mail account (handy for archiving important mailing list messages)
which is hosted on MS Exchange (connecting with Outlook) and I'm under
the impression that some settings can be configured on the Exchange
server that will allow me to be able to post to the mailing lists from
that account instead of this one. Currently all e-mail I send from my
work account to the lists bounces back. I thought I had seen
instructions for making Exchange play nice and send proper messages to
the mailing list, but I am unable to find them now, if I ever did indeed
see them, this is MS and quite possible it simply won't play nice.
Outlook is also configured to do text only e-mail, so I think I can rule
out it being an Outlook issue. I have no issues with the FreeRADIUS
mailing list, but I'm assuming they're more lax in what type of mail can
be submitted.

If anyone can tell me what settings need changed on the Exchange server
(or in Outlook if it is indeed an Outlook problem) please let me know.

If it is impossible to get Exchange to play nice with the FreeBSD
mailing lists, please also let me know so I can give up on trying to get
it to work.

Thank you,

John McDonnell
John D. McDonnell
gorgarath at

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