CURRENT: Issue with ZFS and 2TB WD HDD (WDC WD20EURS-63Z9B1 80.00A80)

Leonidas Tsampros ltsampros at
Mon Nov 29 17:11:15 UTC 2010

"O. Hartmann" <ohartman at> writes:
> I'm running a newly setup FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT/amd64 SMP box. The former
> OS was FreeBSD 8.1-PRE/amd64. Attached to the system are three WD
> harddrives with ZFS as filesystem on GPT partitioning scheme. Two 1TB
> HDD are spanning a volume with 2 TB capacity which is quite fast due to
> parallel access through ZFS. The underlying layout is, as mentioned,
> GPT, bot devices are named /dev/ada1p1 and /dev/ada2p1. The thir drive
> is a WD Caviar Green 2TB HDD acting as a compressed ZFS backup media,
> also based on a GPT partitioning scheme and known as device /dev/ada3p1.
> In FreeBSD 8.2-PRE/amd64 I can use the JBOD volume resembled from two
> 1TB HDD without problems, mounting is all right, dismounting, also with
> the 2TB HDD, labeld as BACKUP00 volume in ZFS. Doing a "zpool export" on
> both ZFS volumes works fine in FBSD 8, importing is also no problem. The
> system's log does not show any kind of irregularities, errors or
> something else indicating soemthing weird with one of the three devices.
> Exporting both volumes in FreeBSD 8 works. But importing them in FreeBSD
> 9.0-CURRENT/amd64 as with the most recent make world of today fails on
> the 2TB HDD (ZFS pool/volume BACKUP00). Issuing "zpool import BACKUP00"
> results in
> cannot import 'BACKUP': no such pool available
> and on console I receive message
> ZFS WARNING: Unable to attach to ada1
> But the drive is and was ada3!
> Looking with zpool status, I get the follwoing picture:
>   pool: BACKUP00
>  state: FAULTED
> status: One or more devices could not be used because the label is missing
>         or invalid.  There are insufficient replicas for the pool to
> continue
>         functioning.
> action: Destroy and re-create the pool from a backup source.
>    see:
>  scrub: none requested
> config:
>         NAME        STATE     READ WRITE CKSUM
>         BACKUP00    FAULTED      0     0     0  corrupted data
>           ada3      UNAVAIL      0     0     0  corrupted data
>   pool: THOR00
>  state: ONLINE
>  scrub: none requested
> config:
>         NAME        STATE     READ WRITE CKSUM
>         THOR00      ONLINE       0     0     0
>           ada1p1    ONLINE       0     0     0
>           ada2p1    ONLINE       0     0     0
> errors: No known data errors
> This picture differs from what I see i FreeBSD 8.2-PRE/amd issuing the
> same command!
> I did a full "zpool scrub" on both pools - no effect.
> Surprisingly, the GPT partition of the pool BACKUP00 isn't shown in
> FreeBSD 9, while I see ada3p1 in FreeBSD 8.2.
> gpart show ada3 lists this:
> =>        34  3907029101  ada3  GPT  (1.8T)
>           34        4062        - free -  (2.0M)
>         4096  3907025039     1  freebsd-zfs  (1.8T)
> The drive in question is a WesternDigital Caviar Green WD (<WDC
> WD20EURS-63Z9B1 80.00A80>     at scbus7 target 0 lun 0 (pass3,ada3)).
> Can someone explain what#s going on? The drive in question is one of the
> new 4k sized physical block devices. Why is FreeBSD 8 dealing with the
> HDD, FreeBSD 9 not? Any help at this point? Hope the volume is not lost.
> Thanks in advance,
> Oliver

Hi Oliver,

just a wild guess and maybe completely wrong: are the ZFS version numbers and zpool version numbers
the same across 8.1 and 9-CURRENT ?

Best Regards,

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