ZFS based machine to build a backup server ?

Arthur Chance freebsd at qeng-ho.org
Mon Nov 29 10:54:58 UTC 2010

On 11/29/10 09:56, Frank Bonnet wrote:
> Would it be safe to use a FreeBSD + ZFS based machine to build
> a backups server to store sensitive data ?
> In a word is FreeBSD + ZFS stable and mature ?

That's a regular theological debate round here, and some people will say 
yes, and others an emphatic no. I'm personally happy with ZFS raidz, 
others prefer UFS + mirroring + journalling.

Speaking with far too many years of experience as a sysadmin, no single 
backup solution is ever truly adequate. You want off site backups as 
well as on site. For the off site backups, take a look at tarsnap:


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