Web mail for not local domains.

Jorge Biquez jbiquez at intranet.com.mx
Sun Nov 28 17:37:00 UTC 2010

Hello all.

I was wondering if you can suggest the best application you consider 
for the following.

I am supporting a non profit organization, so the budget is less than 
zero. They already have a freebsd server (8.1) and are using sendmail 
for about 20 accounts, not big traffic. In their pc's (windows xp) 
they are using eudora (free version) as a client without problems 
(POP). I would like to install them a webmail that let them access 
the local accounts in the server BUT that also let them access some 
other accounts with another providers. No gmail, hotmail or so, but 
POP3 accounts that are hosted under other domains with other ISP's . 
Actually no problem under they eudora mail client, but the idea is 
that when they out in conference or so they also can have access to 
the accounts under the freebsd server and the other provider.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

Jorge Biquez

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