Digital camera (Canon)

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Sun Nov 28 14:12:08 UTC 2010

On Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 12:51:41PM +0000, Bruce Cran wrote:
> On Sat, 27 Nov 2010 22:03:02 -0600
> Ryan Coleman <ryan.coleman at> wrote:
> > It's FAT32, so I'd try...
> > 
> > mount_msdosfs /dev/ugen2.2
> You can't mount ugen devices! It seems umass hasn't attached so I guess
> the camera might use the Picture Transfer Protocol instead - see
> .

Use the graphics/gphoto2 port. You'll need read/write access to the USB
devices. Create a group called 'usb', and add your user-id to it using

    pw groupadd usb -m <your username>

Edit devfs.rules(5) to give the usb group write access to the usb and
ugen devices:

    # excerpt from /etc/devfs.rules
    add path 'usb/*' mode 0660 group usb
    add path 'ugen*' mode 0660 group usb

Do not forget to activate the ruleset in /etc/rc.conf;

    # excerpt from /etc/rc.conf

After a reboot, the permissions are fixed. You can of course also use chown(8)
and chmod(1) to fix the permissions without rebooting.

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