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On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 07:16:01PM +0000, Arthur Chance wrote:
> On 11/25/10 18:22, Gary Kline wrote:
> [Huge snip]

	Super :-)

> >	What I don't understand is the CF card and howto install
> >	pfSense.  I'll re-read wherever I have to but some clues would
> >	certainly help.  I installed pfSense by CDROM initially and
> >	figure this time the install would be done by thumb-drive.
> >	[?]
> >
> >	Pointers, URLs welcome!
> If you're installing onto a CF card you want the "embedded" version.
> You download the version that matches the size of your CF card -
> there are 512M, 1G, 2G and 4G versions. I went for 4G because I had
> a convenient card lying around, but it's overkill. You decompress it
> and simply dd it onto the card (presuming you've got a normal Unix
> box). This link will help

	I just took a second look at what I have coming in my ALIX.6E1
	Kit.  (Also found that 'CF' == Compact Flash; we've got enough 
	abbrvs, all right.  )  At any rate, here is what is in my 6e1

* ALIX.6E1 system board (2/1/1/256/LX800)
* Laser etched black aluminum enclosure with USB and antenna cutouts
* Blank 2 GB Sandisk Ultra II CF Card
* Standard 15V 1.25A 18W power supply (US plug style)
* Ships unassembled

	If your 4G CF card was overkill, will my 2GB card be enough?  If
	not I'll order a slave chip; or maybe a 4G flash card.

	Pasted immediately below is what I was pointed last last night. 
	There were links like your URLs to the pfSense site.  Hm.  I
	have more research to do (looks like) to learn enough to 
	__know__ was I'm doing.  Or my friend and I.  But then I've had
	pfSense going for about three years on severely antique
	hardware, no problem.  ....
> This is the embedded category page on the doc wiki
> Then all you do is insert the card into the CF adapter on the Alix
> board, fire it up and point your web browser at it to do the initial
> set up. (Don't forget to change the serial line speed to 9600
> beforehand.) The initial address is, username/password
> are admin/pfsense. Have fun.

	Last question[s]: is there a toggle somewhere to change the
	speed to 9600?  When a friend helped save my network in JAn,
	2008, we did it all my chat and maybe one phone call, so my
	memories of the details of getting pfSense set up the first time
	have faded ... .  I have a 10.* internal network!  Oboy.  Well, 
	here's hoping that a few FreeBSD types are around on 15th dec.

	FWIW, My chat is gdk98188 [at] yahoo .... 


	PS: before my almost-disaster in 12/07 I used ifp and ifpw for
	years.  The server also handled DHCP.  THe reason I went with 
	pfsense was to offload that stuff "somewhere else"; it seems 
	apropos of the Unix philosophy: simplicity is better.

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