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On Thu, 25 Nov 2010 20:00:21 -0000, "Dave" <dave at> wrote:
> Lots is written about the 'x' bit, and allowing execution of a file, but 
> not that it affects the ability to even use that directory.  I guess in 
> this context, "using" = "executing", so it sort of makes sense.

It is written lots and nicely explained in "man chmod",
where you can read:

   0100    For files, allow execution by owner.  For directories,
           allow the owner to search in the directory.

   0010    For files, allow execution by group members.  For directo-
           ries, allow group members to search in the directory

   0001    For files, allow execution by others.  For directories
           allow others to search in the directory.

The "1" part of the octal masks refers to the x attribute. In
relation to directories, it means "search", which you can also
see when using the "find" program: Directories that are not +x
cannot be searched.

> It appears too, that if one of the group members then creates a new 
> direcory, that inherits the permissions of the parent directory.

You can set default permissions for file creation using the
umask builtin (e. g. for csh, the default dialog shell); see
the "man csh" for details.

> Next task, to get the ftp server to work on another port.   I might just 
> quit while ahead, and go up the pub though, and leave that till tomorrow.

That's easy: See the -P option explained in "man ftpd". Also
see /etc/defaults/rc.conf which mentions ftpd_flags.

Remember: This is FreeBSD, we have excellent manpages and
other good documentation. :-)

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