Samba Access Like Windows Explorer

Jason C. Wells jcw at
Thu Nov 25 18:57:18 UTC 2010

Is it possible to access samba shares much like windows explorer does?

The ultimate solution would be UNC names with browsing.  I would very 
much like to have my freebsd client see the network namespace in as 
similar fashion to windows as possible.

I also would like to avoid having to duplicate the hierarchy of mount 
points (for mount_smbfs) on every freebsd client in order to achieve 
this.  Nautilus access the samba shares this way, but I want this work 
on the command line.  Plus I prefer Thunar, which doesn't do samba 
access at all.

As it stands, I think I will have to mount all samba shares on a freebsd 
client into a top level directory named for the server name, with mount 
points sprinkled about.

Jason C. Wells

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