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Mon Nov 22 15:31:40 UTC 2010

2010/11/15 Jerry <freebsd.user at>:
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>> It breaks alot, and causes you to need to rebuild some parts of the
>> base system. The most notable, is SSHD, which whenever I install the
>> openssl from ports, will not work unless i rebuild SSHD or, remove
>> the ports version.
> There were (maybe still are) a few ports that don't work correctly with
> openssl via ports; however, I have filed PRs on them and for the most
> part they have been fixed. However, I would not let that fact deter
> you from using a newer, safer version of the application.
> When building a new system, I start with the newer version from the
> start. If updating later, I have found that first installing the new
> openssl version via ports, and then using portmanager with the "-p"
> option rebuilds virtually any port still dependent on the deprecated
> version. In any case, I believe it is a prerequisite to have the
> previously noted notation in the "/etc/make.conf" file prior to building
> any port(s) or kernel/world.
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Filled one pr.
Hope this would be resolved someday :)

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