FBSD 8 php 52 extensions dependency on X11 ???

Alejandro Imass ait at p2ee.org
Sun Nov 21 21:16:44 UTC 2010

On Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 3:51 PM, Matthew Seaman
<m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk> wrote:
> On 20/11/2010 16:26, Alejandro Imass wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Whilst installing some (many) of the php 52 extensions in a jail I
>> suddenly realized I was about to install X11 and a whole bunch of x11
>> related deps.
>> Can some kind soul explain to me which php 52 extension requires X11
>> ??? Should it not say it EXPLICITLY??? !!!
> php-gd is the usual culprit.  You can play with the OPTIONs for
> installing the GD library to reduce your X dependency.

Yeah, I don't mind the X _library_ dependencies, headers etc., but the
ming port carries a dependency called Accerciser which "is an
interactive Python accessibility explorer for the GNOME desktop"! As
to why the Ming FBSD port depends on Accerciser beats me, because
after reading the PHP docs on Ming it's even supposed to compile on
Windoze as an alternative to the closed source proprietary libswf PHP
extension, and I doubt the PHP folks depend on some Python Gnome
interactive tool. The Accerciser dependency depends in turn on Python
of course, and Xvfb and that of course depends on a complete xorg
install, which is a lot different that depending on a bunch of X libs.

That PHP in particular was the main problem in my case.

> I don't know, off hand, if php-gd is the only php module that brings in
> a dependency on X, but it is certainly the one most commonly encountered.

Thanks for the info!

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