DNS Resolution

Jay Hall jhall at socket.net
Sat Nov 20 04:11:11 UTC 2010

On Friday, November 19, 2010 07:25:10 pm Gary Gatten wrote:
> I ran into a similar situation where the ns was behind a Juniper SRX doing
> NAT. Said Juniper had a "smart" DNS piece (ALG) that does special stuff on
> DNS packets; max record length, special NAT, etc.  I had to disable the
> DNS ALG to fix the "problem".
> If your ns is behind a NATing device, start there.  Or, if you can run
> tcpdump on the ns, or before it hits a fw/NAT - ensure the reply packets
> have the "proper" IP in them as they leave the ns.

Thanks for the quick response.  I think this is a problem with a piece of 
equipment I do not have access to.  The only difference between the site 
experiencing the problem and the other sites I maintain is the router.  If I 
redirect DNS queries to other sites, everything works as expected.

Thanks for your help.

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