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Thu Nov 18 14:24:55 UTC 2010

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 7:55 AM, Mohsen Mostafa Jokar
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> Hello.
> Thank you very much.
> I want make a new community of FreeBSD for my country, i think i must serve
> a domain like you tell me.

I admire your enthusiasm but you have to do your homework before you post again.

Understand this: Your community is independent from the FreeBSD
project it will have no direct connection with except for
the fact that they just ___might___ list you in the usergroups and
mailing list pages, probably once you have demonstrated that your
community deserves it. You will have to set-up you own mailing list
server (I suggest mailman), and people will subscribe to that list
with their own e-mails just like you did to this list. You will not
have a mail account with unless you become a long-term and
proven collaborator of the project, and even then it's unlikely that
you will get such a mail or even need one, and really it's not the
goal of the great majority of collaborators in any Open Source

>From your questions I think you have a lot to read before attempting
to form a community. Community building is from the ground-up, it's
not like you put a server on the Internet and it happens magically
overnight and you become famous. On the contrary, it will be a very
hard and usually not appreciated by anyone, nor it will gain you any
recognition in the short term.

I suggest that before you do anything, just attempt to contact the
other FreeBSD users in your community and have a face-to-face meeting
to discuss the formation of the Iranian BSD community. Maybe in your
university or other universities and institutes you can gain enough
mass and interest. Contact the person that owns and ask him
what his plans are with the domain. If you are able to round up these
people in person I'm sure that within those meetings you will find
many of the answers to your questions.

> if i serve a domain, second step what is it?
> i want have a email account with like users in this page

That is just a list of the mailing lists in languages other than
English, but each one is maintained independently from the FreeBSD

> what should i do?
> I thankful if you guide me.

Contact every FreeBSD user you can find and have a meeting in person.
Discuss with them your ideas and be prepared for a lot of hard work.
Contact the people at IRNIC (  I copied their info below), I am
sure that people in their IT department will guide you with this.
Their Web site uses Apache 2.2.3 on CentOS, so they are probably
familiar with Open Source and may direct you to other Open Source
communities which will most probably help you and guide you in making
your FBSD community there.

Using a simple google search I found that on February 3rd, 2010 Abbas
Farahmand posted on the FreeBSD forums about translating to Persian,
he will surely be of help and will most likely support your cause:

Here is the info of your local NIC

remarks:	(Domain Holder) Dot-IR (.ir) ccTLD Registry, Institute for
Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (IPM)
remarks:	(Domain Holder Address) Shahid Bahonar (Niavaran) Sq.,
Tehran, Tehran, IR
org:		Dot-IR (.ir) ccTLD Registry, Institute for Studies in
Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (IPM)
e-mail:		info at
address:	Shahid Bahonar (Niavaran) Sq., Tehran, Tehran, IR
phone:		+98 21 2229 0306
fax-no:		+98 21 2229 5700
source:		IRNIC # Filtered

nic-hdl:	as51-irnic
person:		Alireza Saleh
e-mail:		alireza at
source:		IRNIC # Filtered

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