JMicron JMB363 PCIe controler doesn't work

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Mon Nov 15 19:31:29 UTC 2010

> I notice that you never got an answer to your question about that PCIe
> controller.  I wish I had an answer for you, and that people finding

now i don't expect it.

seems the problem is that FreeBSD can't by itself set SATA controller 
mode. i can't find such option.

This crappy controllers have builtin bios that don't allow selecting AHCI 

and non-AHCI mode seems like not working at all.

AHCI mode works, as i have same chip on motherboard but properly set, and 

the real answer is "write such support" or "buy other controller".
i did second as i needed it quickly, siis driver works fine.

> your question in the list archives won't have to wade through so many
> useless replies only to come up empty.  I think we owe both you and them
> an apology.

i didn't use this forum for a long time after seeing it's filled with 
people that usually have no idea about what unix is, but truly believe 
they have.

but i though something changed. Yes it changed - to even worse.

I really don't understand why FreeBSD owners keep that list active at all.

> Wojciech's specific technical question.  If you can't resist the urge to
> discuss list moderation or anything else that's been spuriously

i already said about moderation long time ago. Actually i told to do 
it when MY posts was considered wrong.

Of course moderation requires clear rules what is ok and what not.

This way anyone may conform to that rules or go away.

Now we have democracy. Democracy always fail, first on any internet 
discussion forums ;)

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