JMicron JMB363 PCIe controler doesn't work

Chip Camden sterling at
Mon Nov 15 16:22:02 UTC 2010

Quoth Jerry on Monday, 15 November 2010:
> Since it has now become apparent that the "SUBJECT" of the post loses
> its relationship to the actual content of the post after "X" replies on
> this forum, I propose that we start a study on how many replies does it
> take for that phenomena to occur. Perhaps we could set up some sort
> of automation that would cut off all replies to a thread after that
> threshold had been reached.
> -- 
> Jerry ???
> FreeBSD.user at

I propose that we spend our energies working on something that FreeBSD
users would give a damn about, like enabling GEM support so the latest
Intel drivers can be ported to support Ironlake graphics.

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