AR5212 woes

Firas Kraiem firas at
Fri Nov 12 03:59:28 UTC 2010

Hi everyone

I have an Atheros wifi card that is giving me some headaches.  It's
supposed to be an AR5212-based card, and is detected as such, dmesg on
8.1-RELEASE says:

ath0: <Atheros 5212> mem 0xa0010000-0xa001ffff irq 11 at device 14.0 on pci0
ath0: [ITHREAD]
ath0: AR5212 mac 5.6 RF5111 phy 4.1

However, when I try to bring it up, no joy:

# ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev ath0
wlan0: Ethernet address: 00:04:e2:a1:ee:a2
# ifconfig wlan0 up
ath0: ath_chan_set: unable to reset channel 1 (2412 MHz, flags
0x480),hal status 3

And it continuously sends messages similar to the last one until I
reboot.  I noticed that on the chipset it is written "AR5212A", could it
be a newer "revision" that is incompatible with the driver?  Google
hasn't been of much help.



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