sysinstall install.cfg

vrwmiller at vrwmiller at
Thu Nov 11 12:42:42 UTC 2010

Hi all,

Hoping that someone might be able to help me here. I dynamically generate  
much of the install.cfg by running scripts that send output to files that  
are, in turn, loaded into install.cfg utilizing loadConfig. The scripts  
that are run are placed into the mfsroot in /stand and /. They send the  
output to /a.

I do this twice before the installCommit and both scripts run and load the  
resulting configs successfully. I also run another script after the fails citing the script could not be found. In  
troubleshooting, I found that sysinstall is removing /stand and doing other  
stuff to / and /var. So, I know why the script cannot be found...because  
sysinstall is removing it.

The question I have then is how can I get around this? I attempted putting  
the script above the installCommit, but the functions being performed here  
require that the base system already be in place (I'm adding packages). It  
seems that I have little choice, but to have this after the installCommit.  
Unfortunately, sysinstall wipes it out.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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