FreeBSD-similar build-from-source Linux?

App Deb appdebgr at
Wed Nov 10 18:28:35 UTC 2010

2010/11/10 "C. Bergström" <cbergstrom at>:
> App Deb wrote:
>> 2010/11/10 O. Hartmann <ohartman at>:
>>> Hello out there,
>>> well, my question may sound heretic, but since we use mostly Linux based
>>> systems in our scientific environment and FreeBSD seems to lack in severe
>>> support in GPGPU/CUDA capable graphics boards I need to setup a kind of
>>> Linux facility to ensure having the software and tools I need for my
>>> work.
>>> I'm looking for a Linux distribution that is similar handled like
>>> FreeBSD,
>>> where I'm able to rebuild the whole system from sources, not even the the
>>> Linux kernel, also the GNU tools and the packages. Maybe there are some
>>> people out here having already taken this step.
>>> Any suggestion is appreciated,
>> The NVIDIA FreeBSD driver provides the cuda libraries for linux
>> compatibilty.
>> So 32-bit Linux Cuda applications should work on FreeBSD.
> Have you tested this first hand?
> Is there 32bit Fermi?  (Sorry, but I don't think the HPC world can really
> live off 32bit applications)
> There's 2 types of code in a "cuda application" there's host code produced
> by the native compiler (gcc/intel/pathscale.. etc) and the device code..
> produced by nvidia's toolchain..  I would make a pretty nice bet that the
> nvidia userland toolchain will not compile code on freebsd right now..  (not
> be negative here, but I'm intimately familiar with it..)  Worse case you'd
> be copying code built on linux over and also the runtime libs..  (not to
> mention debugger, profiler. etc)
> Anyway.. as mentioned before we'll have a native working solution before the
> years end and anyone interested to help alpha/beta test is welcome to
> contact me offlist..
> ./C

No sorry I don't have any experience with cuda.

I have only tested this:

And the linux binary seems to recognize everything under FreeBSD
(linuxulator + nvidia).

You will probably need to setup a linux toolchain to do the work. I
know this is not a good solution.

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