How do we like our base kerberos? Will it flee soon?

Leon Meßner l.messner at
Wed Nov 10 17:00:56 UTC 2010


I'm looking for workarounds for this crappy situation which currently
prevents FreeBSD8 from working together with libgssapi (see kern/147454)
and multiple threads on -questions.

What i tried: 

- Use old RELENG_8 and RELENG_8_1 sources where Benjamin's patch still
  applied. (Can't build world then).
- Modify /usr/bin/krb5-config to include -lgssapi_spnego -lgssapi_krb5
  at the right place (works on some machines).

What i didn't try:

- Use the port.

How are you handling this situation. Does anyone know a cvs tag= and
date= combination which lets you build world with Benjamin's patch
(tried RELENG_8 and _8_1 from 24.6 and 19.7 and now)? Actually a
complete base kerberos would be much appreciated.

best regards,
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