Tips for installing windows and freeBSD both.. anyone??

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Wed Nov 10 13:09:50 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 10 November 2010 06:21:18 Bruce Cran wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Nov 2010 04:02:34 +0100
> "Michael Ross" <michael.ross at> wrote:
> > For Windows OSes there is actually a rather nice tool out there,
> > 
> >
> > 
> > which allows you to script the GUI cross-app.
> Microsoft also have the UI Automation API to script GUI applications.

In my humble experience, I think there are 2 distinct aspects to this issue.

I use FBSD both as desktop and as server. In practice, I need a GUI for 
desktop work and none whatsoever for server work. 

The only time I needed some kind of GUI component on a server was when I 
wanted to test a VM on it and I wanted the comodity of running VirtualBox 
console on my desktop. Other than that, the command line is more than enough.

OTOH, for the kind of work that I do, having 4 workspaces is absolutely handy. 
And to be able to switch between these 4 scenarios with the scroll of a middle 
button is definetly a plus.

just my 0,02 cents.
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