Tips for installing windows and freeBSD both.. anyone??

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Mon Nov 8 17:53:40 UTC 2010

On Mon, 8 Nov 2010 09:32:20 -0700
Chad Perrin <perrin at> wrote:

> You probably found it "inefficient" because you did not bother to gain
> sufficient familiarity with it to enjoy the efficiencies it provided.
> Seriously.  In my experience, development on MS Windows with clicky
> GUI tools like Visual Studio only seems more efficient when doing
> things that are very well-worn paths to very uninteresting
> destinations for people who have never bothered to learn a better
> way.  A well-configured Vim provides a substantial efficiency boost
> for the competent user that dwarfs the dubious benefits of things
> like Intellisense, for instance.

If you're clicking lots you're doing something wrong :)

I think the key thing is "well-configured". I've found that far
too many users have poorly-configured systems that require them to drop
to a terminal and type commands when they want to run builds, find where
something's defined etc. That involves find, grep etc. which is far
less efficient than clicking the (the built-in) "Go to definition"
command or hitting the shortcut key within an IDE; I know the same can
be done in vim by defining macros for building, running ctags/cscope
I'm not convinced about IntelliSense either, really. At one job I
found people dependended totally on it, and complained when it broke. I
find I use it as a productivity enhancement when I know roughly what
parameters a function takes but can't remember the ordering - it's
more useful when you have a huge framework like Java or .NET, or an
overly complex API like WinAPI (e.g. CreateFile). Too many people _do_
depend on it though, which I think introduces an inefficiency in their
In terms of efficient use of Visual Studio it takes time to learn and
become a competent user: for example I hardly ever use the menus since
they're so slow to access. I hardly leave the keyboard and hate
watching people waste time for example clicking Build, moving to the
Build Solution entry and clicking when I could have done it in a
fraction of the time using Ctrl-Shift-B.

I know vim, with suitable plugins and macros, can be made to be more
efficient than Visual Studio since it doesn't require ever using the
mouse but the upfront investment in time to learn and configure it is
something I've never done, mainly because I've always had more
important things to learn and the "inefficiencies" of GUI editors don't
really worry me.

Bruce Cran

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