how to trace /dev/gpt/label to adaX to conroller?

Peter fbsdq at
Mon Nov 8 17:46:37 UTC 2010

  Is there any easy straight forward way to trace my /dev/gpt/data.zfs
disk to what ada device it is, and on what controller?

I've traced it manually by doing a gpart list adaX |grep data.zfs on each
adaX device, then somehow I found out what controller it is on [I think by
manually looking at serial number of the disk, and tracing cables].  This
was easy when I had 2 disks, but now I have 4, and figure there could be
an easier way instead of doing a 'for i' loop on each adaX device, tracing
cables, etc.

FreeBSD 8-STABLE if it makes a difference.

 I'm prolly doing something wrong.

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