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Mon Nov 8 10:01:53 UTC 2010


We have a problem with a few of our users.
And I'm a bit speechless since I understood what are our commercials
doing... Whatever...

We are providing a pre-configured FreeBSD distribution, for
videosurveillance prupose.
It seems the machines sold with our distribution may come with at max 44TB
RAID space.
And more likely, all the RAID space is allocated in an only partition (UFS).

Note that these servers includes only 2GB of RAM.

So, since a few, custommers are calling, telling us that there's a problem
with their RAID space.
As far as I know, all these users are running our FreeBSD-6.2 based version.
They try to run fsck, wait .... and eventually fsck stops, saying it can't
do anything (I haven't the exact error message...).

My boss came, and asked me wether I think upgrading these custommers to our
7.2 based version would fix that.
I told him I'm not up to date about that kind of info. But more likely,
UFS/fsck worked fine in 6.2, no way there's such a big change in 7 branch.

In my opinion, the only chance to get back the data would be to plug an
additional drive, make a huge swap file...
Knowing that context switching, on such an amount of RAM ... that would at
least take days.

In doubt: am I missing something? Is there an easier way?


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