portupgrade fails to run or do anything

Warren Block wblock at wonkity.com
Mon Nov 8 04:46:29 UTC 2010

On Sun, 7 Nov 2010, Ron (Lists) wrote:

> I'm trying to upgrade my ports and I can't get portupgrade to do anything.  I 
> type 'sudo portupgrade apache' (or any package) and all I get back is a 
> command prompt.  No error or any other message.  portversion seems to work 
> correctly, showing my out of date ports, etc.

Is apache outdated?  portupgrade won't update a port that's already at 
the current version unless you force it with -f.

> Running portupgrade with -F doesn't help at all.

Well, no.  -F means to only download distfiles.

> I've also noticed that tab-expansion isn't working like it used to on 
> the port names, so that makes me wonder if the database is screwed up.

Filename completion is a function of the shell.  I try it accidentally 
from time to time with port names because it just would make sense to 
work, but it has never worked because they don't exist as files. 
'portupgrade -r gcc' followed by Tab doesn't complete because there 
isn't a file named gcc- in the path (although they are in 

Fortunately, name completion is not needed because portupgrade uses the 
pkg_name as a glob anyway.

My portupgrade article:

If that doesn't do it, please show what
   portversion -vl'<'
shows for apache.

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