Is Intel Core I7 930 2.80 Ghz as good or better option than AMD

Jed Clear jclear at
Sun Nov 7 01:25:38 UTC 2010

> I've always been an AMD fan but am getting the idea that they are  
> loosing their edge.  So my question if the Intel Core I7 930 2.80 Ghz  
> is as good and option or is their a better AMD at a similar o cheaper  
> price?
> I plan to install this in a GigaByte GA-X58A/UD7 motherboard with 6 Gb  
> in a Cosmos-S Cooler Master cabinet with extra fans and Cooler Master  
> 600w power supply.

You've apparently already made your choice, as that MB is only socketed for a certain family of Intel CPUs.  The days of pin compatible Intel and AMD CPUs are long gone.

However if the MB decision is still open, there are many web sites that do comparisons.  Tom's Hardware comes to mind.  Anandtech is another.

Personally, I go with AMD.   But it's more of a habit than anything technical.


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